Some questions when considering a camera for remote capture

  • Does the camera support a standard for remote capture, such as PTP?
  • Does gphoto already support this camera? If not, is there an existing SDK for linux? If not, is there existing remote capture software on any platform that works with this camera?
  • Can you capture and download an image without a memory card installed in the camera?
  • How fast can you capture and download an image?
  • Is there an API for enabling/disabling autofocus?
  • Is there a mechanical mirror? If so, can you lock it in position?
  • Is the shutter electronic or manual? (Are both first and second curtain electronic?)
  • How many shots can you take before the camera needs repair?
  • Does the remote capture API work over USB? or only wifi? How many cameras can we connect to the same computer?

There are lots of questions about image quality to consider as well. Also, we are not concerned about video, but it would be worth knowing what video operations are supported via API.