A python interface to archive.org

Jake pointed out today that he wrote a cool python wrapper for archive.org that made it easy to upload files. I added downloading support and a few other features:

#The Internet Archive stores data in "items". You can query the archive using an item identifier:
>>> import archive
>>> item = archive.Item('stairs')
>>> print item.metadata
#Items contains files, which can be downloaded:
>>> f = item.file('glogo.png')
>>> f.download() #writes to disk
>>> f.download('/foo/bar/some_other_name.png')
#You can iterate over files:
>>> for f in item.files():
...     print f.name, f.sha1
#You can use the IA's S3-like interface to upload files to an item.
#You need to supply your IAS3 credentials in environment variables in order to upload.
#You can retrieve S3 keys from https://archive.org/account/s3.php
>>> import os;
>>> os.environ['AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID']='x'; os.environ['AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY']='y'
>>> item.upload('myfile')